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HABuino v1 first build

Author: Tech Posted at 11/10/12 - 08:10 PM

Looking through the components available, there are no 0603 resistors or capacitors in all the values needed, I'm substituting some 0402 components, so that will make it tricky.

The power supply is configured for 3.3 volts and using a disposable lithium AA battery, so the supply can run until the battery is exhausted, rather than cutting out to save a re-chargeable from an under voltage condition that would damage it.  This means a 0 ohm resistor on the under voltage lockout comparator, between pin 7 and Vin and leaving the other resistor in the voltage divider unconnected.

First thing is to burn the Arduino bootloader to the ATmega 328p-AU chip.  Place it in the M48+ ADP Programming Adapter socket, clamping the top down holds the CPU in contact with the socket pins temporarily to enable programming without having to solder it down. Connecting the 6 pin socket to a USBTinyISP programmer and selecting 'burn bootloader' from the Arduino tools menu are the final steps. A minute or so later, I have a processor that will accept programming from the Arduino IDE over a USB cable, without the bootloader you would need to use an ISP to program the CPU each time you need to change the code on your board.

If you don't have the M48+ socket, you can program the CPU after assembly connecting to 6 pins on the HABuino, ground, +5v, reset and digital pins 11, 12, and 13.

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