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The boards are back in town

Author: Tech Posted at 04/09/12 - 12:08 AM

The PCB panels have arrived back in Tech. They have been processed with some LED mosfet driver boards, a slight compromise between both boards - the PCB thickness.

The HABuino as it's become known is designed to be light weight, so was going to be fabricated in 0.024 inches ( approx 0.6mm) FR4. The other boards needing to be more robust were going to be 0.062 (1.6mm) standard thickness. As both are part of the same panel, they ended up in 0.032 or 0.8mm FR4.

The HABuino board weighs in at 4.68g unloaded.

The eagle eyed amongst you may notice differences between the development simulation and the actual PCB, well we made a few changes so an NTX2 module could have a (smallish) ground plane separate from the board ground if required, by cutting a few trace jumpers close to the antenna pad.

Now the bad news, we noticed mistake on the board! Luckily this can be reworked fairly easily.

We are going to use a laser to burn an SMT pad though the resist to the board ground and place an extra zeroΩ resistor to join the TPS61200 logic ground to ground (Note to self: don't forget the manual link to join the two nets, GND and PGND, under the chip next time).

Now, do we have a volunteer to wrestle the SHARK and remove the laser from the head mount? World domination is on hold.

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